School Community Councils (SCC)

Over 200 parents, community members, teachers and school-based administrators are members of School Community Councils in 23 Sun West Schools.

The function of School Community Councils is, through an advisory and practical manner, to assist the administration of the school and the Board in:

 Developing shared responsibility for the learning success and well-being of all children and youth;
● Encouraging and facilitating parent, community and youth engagement in school planning and improvement processes;
 Delivering educational and extra-curricular programs; and
 Providing the school and division with a critical link to facilitate understanding of the community.

The duties of School Community Councils vary as needs change in particular schools, but members involved in:

 School learning improvement planning;
Review of school finance and activities;
 Family and community engagement; and
 School Community Council development.

Student benefits:

 Improved marks and graduation rates
Increased involvement in classroom activities and a more positive attitude towards homework.
 Higher attendance rates and greater enrollment in post-secondary education.

Parent benefits:

 Enhanced communication between parents, administrators and teachers.
More opportunities for learning activities in the home.
 Better understanding of how schools operate.

Community benefits:

 Increased cost-effectiveness due to the pooling of time, money and effort.
Strengthened community pride through involvement in the school’s achievements.

School Community Councils in Sun West and throughout the province are working with school staffs to help improve achievement and wellness. In Sun West, all schools have focused on achievement in the literacies of reading, math and writing, and many schools have targeted other areas for improvement as well. The process for improvement is a simple one – students, teachers, and parents realize that there is an area where student achievement is not as good as it should be, we put our heads together to think of what sort of things we can do to help students achieve at a higher level, we put our plans into action, and we check to see how much students have grown.

In Sun West, School Community Councils play a critical role in helping schools with improvement planning. Each fall, SCC members are invited to join the staff in the development of the School A3 (the school's plan for improvement) and contribute a parent and community perspective into areas for improvement. This planning results in actions that the staff takes with students and parents, actions that the SCC takes with students and parents, and actions where the staff and SCC working together. 

Want to join us in helping our kids achieve our vision of “Success for all”? Get involved with your local School Community Council!

To learn more about the School Community Council at your school, please contact the school office.



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